Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Tuesday Tutorial (Gable Box)

How to Make a Gable Box

You will need: 
One 8" x 11" piece of Card-stock, Paper Cutter with scoring tool, adhesive, Scissors, Snow Swirled Stamp set, Almost Amethyst Ink and A4 cardstock, Lovely Lilac Ink and A4 cardstock, Chocolate Chip Ink and A4 cardstock, Wide Oval Punch, Corner Rounder, double rectangle punch, embellishments.

Step 1:
Score 11” side of cardstockat 1/2", 3 1/2", 5 3/4", and 8 3/4".
Step 2: 
Score the 8” side at 2 1/2" and 6 1/2"
Step 3:
Fold the bottom of the card stock (the portion with the short scored sections) under and stamp across the exposed area of card stock.
Step 4:
Cut each score line up to the intersecting score line to create flaps as shown.
Step 5: 
On one edge of the card stock, you’ll have 1/2” flaps. 
Cut off the two 1/2" flaps on the ends, leaving the center flap.
Step 6:
Place Sticky strip on stamped side of 1/2" flap
Step 7:
Place Sticky Strip as shown in below image on the non stamped side if the card-stock

Step 8:
Center punch over panel and push the cardstock all the way into the Wide Oval punch to create handles for the box as shown in below image.

Step 9:
Use Corner rounder on handles
Step 10:
Peel the liner from the 1/2" flap on the side of the box (mid section). 
Fold the box into shape so that the ends meet the adhesive. If necessary, fold the flaps out of your way.

Step 11:
Peel the liner from the side flaps and adhere them to the interior sides of the box for added stability.

Step 12:
Remove the liner from the bottom flaps. 
Fold in the two smaller flaps and then adhere one of the longer flaps to the smaller flaps. 
I fold in the flap that’s on the side where the seam is so the front of the box will be seamless. 
Fold the remaining flap into place.

Step 13:
Decorate the front of the box. Use the Double rectangle punch to punch slots for the ribbon closure see here for tutorial on how to use double rectangle punch.

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  1. how cute is this little box.

  2. what a fabulous box for all occassions